Saturday, February 15, 2014

How To Find His Porn on A Computer

Have you ever wondered if they are looking at porn on their computer? A click of a button and it is gone. That is the way it use to be. Now with this new device you can find all porn on any windows based computer. It is called the Porn Detection Stick. It looks like a flash drive, but plug it into a computer and it will generate a report of any porn is on the computer.

Porn is the silent giant that is killing our country, and our men. It is called the victimless crime, but this is far from the truth. Porn is nasty, injuring the victim, and user. It is one of the most hardest addictions to over come, and a lot more people are viewing it that most people ever realize.
The problem has always been that is so hard to catch someone viewing, and know they are looking at porn. But now thanks to a new device it is simple to find and even delete without anyone ever knowing you are checking.

It is called the Porn Detection Stick. Here is how it works. It works just like a flash drive. Plug it into a computer it is compatible with Windows 98/Se, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. The Porn Detection Stick will scan through all images on the computer for pornographic material. It even checks the internet cache files to pick up images that have been deleted. There is no escaping this device. It does not matter where the trash is at, the porn detection stick will find it and make a report for you.
Even better the porn detection stick installs no software on the computer, so no one will ever know you have checked. This makes it easy to find and delete porn. This is a great tool for a wife who wants to find out, or an employer who fears the worst. The fact that it can be used over and over makes it capable of doing more than just one machine.

Most men look at porn. I have a friend whose job is to track down child porn. I was talking with him one day and I said I would bet that upwards of 20 percent of all internet activity is porn. He said "Sean, It is most likely over 70 percent!" While no one knows for sure, there are many startling facts out there. Like this one. Porn is a multi billion dollar industry! In my investigations and studies, I believe that more money is spend on porn that all pro sports combined! Think about that for a minute. More that the NFL and NASCAR combined!

Believing that this sin in embedded in most families prompted me to find this great product to give women a way to know for sure. But please be advised. This product is hard to get. As soon as a vendor gets it in stock, it sells out.

I once worked for a company whose owner gave the company to his grand kids. What a mistake. The granddaughter ran the accounting, and her husband left to teach school. She was always saying if she ever thought that any one was looking at porn that she would fire them. This OK by me, but her husband the teacher was the IT guy, and I know for a fact that he viewed it every day at work. The way she looked down on all of her employees, I have been wanting to send her a porn detection stick and tell her to check her husband. She would soon come off her high horse. But there are two kids involved so I will stay out of it.

So if you have a need or desire to know for sure this is a product I have reviewed it, and is worth its weight in gold. There are few other products as good on the market. Some will find porn, but cannot check for deleted porn. The only problem now to consider is what to do with him if you find out? My suggestion is to make up your mind before you start looking. That way you will have a plan before your emotions get involved.

I believe that porn should not be tolerated. But please realize that he most likely could not quit if he wanted to. I personally believe that it takes a huge effort, and a willing heart to overcome, but never the less, it must be done. Anyone who believes porn won't destroy them and their family are fooling themselves.

Addicted to Porn Try a New Approach

Is it affecting your life or your relationship? Why is porn so hard to resist? I've been there, done that, and come back to tell the tale. I've discovered some answers that will help you deal with porn and it's not about forcing yourself to stop. Understand your reasons for choosing porn, regain freedom from the compulsion, find integrity and strength, and reconnect to yourself and your loved ones.

"I can stop looking at porn any time I want to; I stop almost every day. But I can't resist the urge to start again. Am I addicted to porn?" Does this sound like you? Some psychologists think porn can be addicting but many disagree. It's not addictive like a drug can be - I've looked at porn in the past, and I've spent years without porn with no withdrawals. Calling porn addictive is an easy explanation that really explains nothing.

Still, I have found porn hard to resist at times. It seemed strongest when I was feeling anxious, lonely, or depressed. Why shouldn't I indulge in some fantasy connection with a beautiful, willing woman with no demands or responsibilities? What's the harm? But when it was over and I was wiping up the results, I'd made no progress with whatever was bothering me. I don't want to think about how much of my life has been wasted in mindless unproductive activity watching porn. So why did I keep going back to it?

As a teen, porn was an exciting way to discover a forbidden topic. Later, when my first marriage was failing and my business going down the tubes, I indulged in porn as a temporary escape. During the lonely years after the divorce, I used porn as a balm for loneliness and depression. All of that made some kind of sense, but after Victoria moved in with me, I was still drawn to look at porn even though it upset her. How could I make sense of that? Now I had a strong reason to quit, but I was hooked on porn.


In trying to understand why I was hooked, I came across all the lame reasons: "that's just the way men are," "men are more visually oriented than women," and "it's a way to satisfy the male instinct to spread his seed." And there were lots of excuses too: "I'm not hurting anyone," "it has nothing to do with you, Sweetie," and "at least I'm not out chasing other women."

Nothing seemed to make sense to me until I found this simple explanation: porn is a strategy to meet some deep need within me. The basic theory is that actions are motivated by attempts to meet basic human needs. A simple example: a basic need is shelter; as a caveman, I would find a cave; as a young professional, I would rent an apartment. But we are not simple creatures; often meeting one need means not meeting another. The caveman may have to sleep in the open to follow his food source. The young professional may have to decide between the nice apartment and sharing a house because of limited funds. Essentially they both have to find new strategies to meet their need for shelter.

Do You Have a Porn Addiction

For some men this might be a confronting question, but for someone who knows they have a porn addiction, it is possibly one of the most confronting questions they could encounter. Once we have explored more about porn addictions the reasons for this may become clearer.

So, do you have an addiction to porn?
Firstly, let's understand what we are talking about. The term 'porn' itself probably doesn't need much clarification. However, the term 'addiction' is something that is often used very freely in our society to define a broad range of behaviours.

There are an infinite number of different ways that addiction has been defined, but one of the most generic and simplest is Wikipedia's definition of it as "a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it".

From this definition it is clear that the term 'addiction' could be applied to any number of different challenges. Alcohol and drug addictions are commonly understood issues in our society. Other addictions that counsellors might regularly encounter include sex addictions, gaming addictions, TV addictions, etc. There is a debate within the helping professional about whether porn addictions actually exist, and whether they should be classed in the same was as other 'addictions'.
So while someone may be addicted to something like porn or gaming, it does not suggest that the behaviour or the activity itself is problematic or an 'issue'. Issues and problems relating to addiction generally only apply when the behaviour is ongoing and continues, despite impacting negatively on other areas of one's life or the life of those around you.

Porn itself often carries a negative stigma. This may originate from a family or religious value system. As a result, some people may find that they have a number of responses or reactions to their behaviour, either during or after having viewed pornography. For someone who has been raised with values that suggests porn is 'wrong', there can be a sense of guilt or shame. Other elements of self-judgement can arise too, such as thinking that one may be a 'bad person' or 'feeling worthy-less' or worthless. For many men accessing porn may be something that they do in secret, either a secret that they keep alone, or possibly one that is shared with a close friend or partner.
So what is the difference between simply watching porn and being addicted to porn?.

Perhaps you can ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you access porn on a regular basis? Perhaps more than once per week?
2. Do you notice any anxiety within yourself if you aren't able to access porn as often as you'd like?
3. Are parts of your life being negatively impacted because you are accessing porn?
4. Are any of the relationships in your life being affected?
5. Do you often intend to do some other activity and then somehow find yourself accessing porn instead?.

Conscious Porn Amazing

Are you afraid that you could be addicted to porn? Do you wish you had more freedom to choose whether to look at it or not? Would you like to understand what compels you to look at sex for hours on end?
My husband and I found a way that helped him like nothing else could. I want to share it with you in hopes that, if you are looking for a way to understand yourself and your relationship to porn, this will help.

I won't be going down the road of shaming you or trying to convince you that what you are doing is wrong or harmful. If you are anything like my husband, you are in a constant battle with your desires and already have plenty of self-deprecating thoughts. I don't want to add to those in any way. Actually, the best approach is to be kind to yourself and let go of the shame if you can. Instead, begin to look for what you're really after when you look at porn.

Everything we do is an attempt to meet needs. Everything! Porn is a strategy you use in an attempt to meet needs of yours. Those needs are precious and important; they are your vital life force seeking expression through your actions. That is why looking at porn has such a powerful grip on you. If you can see the needs clearly, see what it is that you are actually after when you look at porn, you will begin to see yourself more clearly. That clarity will transform your relationship to porn and give you freedom to make other choices to find more fulfilling ways to meet your needs.

Exploring what needs you are meeting may take some time and effort but is well worth it. I call it conscious porn because that is what this is about. It is about bringing awareness to what is an unconscious, habitual ritual in your life. You choose to look at porn because you get something out of it-something deeper than quick sexual gratification. If you can identify what that something is, if you can discover what you're looking for, you will have more choice about how you get it.

When it's unconscious, the behavior stays locked in place. These dynamics play out over and over again without you even knowing what is happening. When you shine the light of awareness upon your behavior, and see the gift it is trying to give you, then compassion will flow and you will have changed your relationship to pornography. Porn isn't the only option you have-there is a whole world of alternatives.
The following strategies may help you become more aware of what you're after when you're looking at porn.


For most people struggling with porn, there is a fierce internal war going on inside, and this battle is tiring. One way to stop the agony of this constant battle is to accept this is what is going on for you now without judging it as good or bad, it just is. Stop pushing it away; trust that your desire for porn has something important to tell you and welcome it as a chance to learn what that is. This is an invitation to take an honest assessment of where you are and accept this is where you are for now. I truly believe that if you only did one thing for yourself, acceptance is the most important step because it has the power to make enormous shifts.

Ask Questions

Ask yourself questions and be willing to hear the answers without judging them. "What was it about porn that attracted me in the beginning? What am I after now when I sit down at the computer to look at porn? What types of porn are most attractive to me?" Look for clues in the particular kind of porn you like. For example, "Am I attracted to dominance? (Would I like more control in my life?) Do I seek out submission? (Would I like someone else to take control so I can relax and let go?)"